Rumpf Low top Black/White Canvas

€ 79,95


This dance sneaker is a very versatile shoe and a great choice for dancers. With its special sole, which features a pivot point, it enables effortless and precise movements on the dance floor. The pivot point is easy on the joints, so you can fully concentrate on your performance.

The removable insole provides additional comfort and allows you to customise the shoe to your needs. Whether you prefer hip-hop, jazz, swing or another dance style, this dance sneaker is suitable for a wide variety of dances.

The breathable fabric upper keeps your feet pleasantly dry and prevents unpleasant odours. The sneakers are also extremely hard-wearing and durable, so you can enjoy them for a long time.

With this dance sneaker, you are perfectly equipped for every dance session. Its versatility and functionality make it the ideal companion for pros and hobby dancers alike.

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